CoEye - AI solutions compliant for the Life Science industry

CoEye is a collaboration between Complyit and one ofthe leading AI companies in the Nordics, operating under the partnership name CoEye, aimed at assisting the Life Science sector in implementing and advancing AI.

AI differs from other software; this new technology presents unique regulatory challenges, but don't let that be an obstacle. AI also holds significant potential within all Life Science domains including pharma, medtech, biotech, and healthcare software.

CoEye ensures that your AI project complies with applicable regulatory requirements from day one.Additionally, CoEye offers support after project completion, including AI updates, AI and IT support, and managing regulatory challenges.

CoEye - Your Life Science AI Partner


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Huvudkontakt är Andreas Palmlund på

Cecilia Vellby

Konsultchef - Uppsala
+46 (0) 76-520 07 41

Eva D

+46 (0) 73-152 21 48

Julia Gonzales

Konsultchef - Stockholm
+46 (0) 79-062 56 22

Åsa Walderyd

Key account manager
+46 (0) 70-797 27 62

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